CBD Smokes

status: active
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Green Hygienics now offers American Hemp and Diablo Hemp Smokes. These premium smokeable products are produced by an FDA and USDA licensed manufacturer using only the plant’s trimmed, selected flower and leaf parts.

Unlike most hemp smokes offered, American Hemp and Diablo Hemp Smokes contain only the trimmed, selected flower and leaves of specially selected highest quality, pure, organically- grown hemp strains guaranteed to be branch, stalk, and seed free; produced according to proprietary standards and specifications under contract by its fifth generation FDA and USDA licensed manufacturer. Third-party laboratory tested before, during and after production for impurities ensures highest quality, clean smokes. Laboratory tests certify “Industrial Hemp” and fully compliant with Federal Law. THC levels are far below the 0.3% limit but often undetectable and reported as “0” in numerous certified tests.

  • Strict production standards ensure quality and consistency.
  • Each hemp smoke remains intact with tight, solid structure, (like cigarettes) and no gaps or lost hemp in packs.
  • Only quality, trimmed and screened custom-cut hemp buds and leaves. No seeds; not ground-up Biomass or hemp waste; no hemp powder; no dust; no tobacco; no fillers.
  • Fresh aroma, optimum moisture. Of course, no Nicotine.
  • Desirable full spectrum levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.
  • Each standard production hemp smoke contains 15mg CBD and other cannabinoids. No isolates are used.
  • Premium/Select and CBG smokes are available with higher strengths.

Diablo and American Hemp are our premier hemp smokes. Still, we offer a variety of CBD and hemp cigarettes, starting with the addition of our own Sol Valley Ranch Blonde and Sol Valley Ranch Premium CBD cigarettes from our USDA Certified Organic farm. A bold and robust hemp cigarette to follow will be Bullseye, another CBD cigarette from our farm. Finally, since smoking is a tough habit to break, and not everyone will transition immediately into a hemp cigarette, we also offer a transition pack with a tobacco and hemp mix.