Striving to become the industry’s preeminent scientific thought leader, Green Hygienics drives innovation and guarantees quality responsibly, intending to become the most highly certified hemp company in the world.

Our goal is to optimize the selection, genetic improvements, and organic hemp cultivation and the extraction, isolation, and purification of high-quality active cannabinoids.

Green Hygienic’s cultivation research team will continue to develop new chemotypes of hemp plants that will constitute the raw materials for near-future use in the development of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and dermo-cosmetic products.

We does not use biotechnological techniques of genetic modification to obtain new plant chemotypes. Instead, we use traditional breeding methods, such as hybridization through controlled pollination, to accelerate the breeding program.

At Green Hygienics, all aspects of growing, including irrigation and supplementation, are digitally controlled. Hemp plants are grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers in line with USDA Organic guidelines. Raw hemp biomass is industrially produced outdoors or in greenhouse conditions solely from organic crops.

One of our main objectives is to ensure the industrial supply of non-psychotropic phytocannabinoid quality raw materials. Consequently, the company maintains tight security control during agricultural and industrial production and commercialization. At the same time, intending to guard the crops and facilities, the company has around-the-clock private security and cutting-edge remote control devices, thus ensuring that the system is water-tight.

At Green Hygienics, quality, traceability, and standardization are essential during every step of our production process, from picking and processing to shipping and sales. The company is implementing this process compliant with Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP), certifying that the activities of cultivation and first transformation are performed with safety, hygiene, and environmental compatibility established in 21 CFR Part 112.

Our Certifications