As every part of the hemp plant can be harnessed with varying beneficial attributes, it represents immense value for nutritional consumption and industrial production.

The Cannabis Industry Should Lead ESG Adoption

Hemp’s Health Benefits

Hemp is one of nature’s most versatile plants, with an immense capacity to positively impact a person’s health in broad and varying ways. It is most widely discussed for its connection to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), the molecular system in the human body that regulates and balances many vital processes involved in establishing and maintaining health.


How Cannabinoids Interact With the Human Body

Cannabis interacts with the ECS through a collection of receptors and metabolic enzymes that impact immune response, brain functions like moods, sleep and memory, appetite, reaction to pain, and communication between cells, to name a few. When cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) and the terpenes from the plant interact with the ECS, homeostasis achieved by that can treat many common and rampant diseases. Currently, these diseases are being treated with potent and often harmful pharmaceuticals when we believe they could be treated more safely and effectively with cannabinoids.


Hemp’s Nutritional Value

Hemp’s nutritional value is also immense. Its seeds contain all nine essential amino acids, provide a balanced ratio of essential fatty acids, and are an exceptional dietary fiber and plant protein source. As a result, they aid in digestion, may reduce the risk of some diseases, nourish the skin, hair, and nails, assist in weight management, and contribute to optimal cognitive functioning.



Packed with nutrition and capable of treating various ailments, our hemp-based products symbolize a seismic shift towards reliability, safety, and efficacy for consumers.

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