Sol Valley Ranch is the largest single-use USDA Certified Organic farm in the North American Hemp Industry. With over 824 acres and 392,000 square feet of indoor greenhouse potential, Green Hygienics controls its own supply chain through this essential holding.

The property consists of 28 greenhouses totaling 392,000 sq ft of indoor growing capacity. In addition, Sol Valley Ranch’s land is an old alpine lakebed, meaning we have 12-16ft of nutrient-rich USDA Certified Organic soil at our disposal.

Sol Valley Ranch will also facilitate the first of the Company’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce sites, establishing the Company’s place in the retail marketplace and creating an exceptional high-revenue opportunity. Further, we will be introducing our own hemp products through our Sol Valley website, which is nearing completion.

Premium retail products produced safely and directly by Sol Valley Ranch will include:

  • CBD and CBG nicotine-free cigarettes to help users transition from tobacco smoking
  • Hemp-derived oils, isolates, and highly nutritious plant protein
  • Organic skincare

Our commitment is to deliver the finest quality products without exception to our customers.