Paymon Omidi

Business Development Officer

Paymon Omidi is an international business consultant and business developer, an expert in new market penetration, and a retired doctor of chiropractic and nutrition. After a decade owning and operating three multi-specialty clinics, Mr. Omidi in 1996 established a food manufacturing plant in Tijuana, Mexico, along with four Japanese and Asian Fusion restaurants. Following the sale of these establishments in 2004, Mr. Omidi returned to health care as a consultant for organizations such as Pacific West Surgical Centers, where he nearly tripled the company’s annual revenue to $400 million. From September 2008 to March 2013, Mr. Omidi assisted Vital Funds, a financial consulting firm, in raising funds for clients in various business sectors around the world. While at Vital Funds, lists of contacts in every business sector grew to over 6,000 buyers, sellers, brokers and business facilitators. For the last five years, Mr. Omidi has traveled internationally, consulting on joint ventures, new market and market penetration strategies, location and site planning for major construction projects, and green energy.