Jul 16, 2021
Jerry Halamuda
Senior VP of Business Development, Agriculture Division

Over his extensive career in the agriculture and horticulture space, Jerry Halamuda has founded, managed, and operated multiple successful companies. The most prominent of these businesses was Color Spot Nurseries, which he founded and acted as CEO, COO, and president for 37 years. Color Spot operated over 6,000 acres in multiple states, including 20 million feet of greenhouses. It employed over 5,000 staff, all of which led to a business with an annual turnover in excess of $300 million. Jerry brings a wealth of industry and management experience; his knowledge and expertise at scaling companies will be a crucial component as he leads the growth of GRYN’s Agriculture Division.

Jul 16, 2021
Matt Schwaigert
Business Development Director

Mr. Schwaigert brings expertise and an extensive background in operations. He has overseen both industrial scale and robotic-assisted greenhouses. He has been responsible for GAP and SOP creation, training, and transferring previous cut flower industry production to industrial hemp CBD, CBG, auto flower, and cannabinoid minors for three genetic companies. Matt has also led research and development in producing seed starts, feminized seed runs, and smokable flower while over-seeing a core group of 34 to 60 seasonal staff. His experience includes vertical division management, workflow, staffing oversight of more than one hundred people in full-time and seasonal capacities, and research and development of agricultural techniques and technology. As Sr. V.P. of Canopy Corporation, Matt co-planned the corporate vision, build-out, and management of all essential operations, including greenhouse production of 500,000 clones in the first year and 30 million feminized seeds in the following years. He successfully managed agricultural production from 14 to 1500 acres of both cannabinoid and commercial hemp, with additional acres of industrial hemp planted in New Mexico and Minnesota over four seasons. Matt also provided oversight of more than 90,000 square feet of new build for offices, industrial greenhouses, milling, classification, pelletizing, pilot laboratory, and food-grade manufacturing facilities on a 36-acre site in Colorado. Matt has led research for cold seed pressing, hemp hearts, and decortication methods for textile, plastic, and construction applications. He was a nutrition and economic stakeholder with the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s industrial hemp in animal feedstock study and currently holds a position on the Texas Industrial Hemp Advisory Board and certificates for cGMP and Manufacturing Delivery Performance Improvement. Matt also serves as a resource for consumers, organizations, and industry professionals to make informed decisions about industrial hemp and its impact on the environment, lifestyle habits, and purchasing practices.

Jul 16, 2021
Greg Stinson
Operations and Project Manager

Mr. Stinson is a dynamic and results-focused project management consultant with remarkable and consistent performance in international client services and strong organizational skills in property development operations. He is proficient in team collaboration and project planning, and his expertise lies in managing staff and monitoring activities to ensure project requirements are met. Mr. Stinson is well acquainted with completing multiple tasks and assignments within an allotted time frame. Greg’s broad experience spans program development, farming facilities, scheduling support, employee hiring, strategy expansion, business operations, record keeping, account management, and project execution.