Our revolutionary hemp cultivation process is based on respecting the plant’s natural inclination in unison with aligned, non-polluting USDA Certified Organic farming practices.

We grow on-site at our farm in California, the largest single USDA Certified Organic hemp for CBD farm in North America, with 824 acres and 392,000 sq. ft. of greenhouse space combined. We maintain complete control over crop quality and everything that comes into contact with our plants and products.

Hemp is a naturally regenerative agriculture crop, meaning it organically replenishes nutrients in the soil throughout its lifecycle. Since our farm is located in the arid landscape of the California desert, we do not need to use ancillary, potentially harmful farming practices to facilitate an optimal growing environment. Our property is an ancient alpine lakebed, boasts 12 to 16 feet of nutrient-rich soil. To ensure sustainability, the Company enrolled in the Healthy Soils program through the California Department of Food and Agriculture. This voluntary program promotes sustainable farming practices and helps to safeguard the basis of our operation, which is cultivation for the indefinite future.

Hemp does not grow well in extremely wet soil but does require some water to develop, and we have access to our own natural water source on the farm, so we never exploit additional water sources.

As a result of exceptional growing conditions, our 824-acre farm produces the highest quality plants. We use non-GMO seeds, zero pesticides, and have programs in place to ensure no degradation or erosion of the soil. As another method to ensure sustainable soils, we conduct semi-annual testing at an independent third-party lab to monitor any changes in nutrients or potential new contaminants. Our sustainable farming practices adhere to all guidelines set out under the National Organic Program governed by the USDA.

This is how we harness our farm’s natural landscape and protect the ecosystem, as it’s also the only way to produce industry-leading products on a global scale that consumers can trust. This is how we are paving A Clear Path to Growth. Uncompromised.

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