Striving to become the industry’s preeminent scientific thought leader, Green Hygienics drives innovation and guarantees quality responsibly, intending to become the most highly certified hemp company in the world.

At Green Hygienics, one of the main areas of research and development is the extraction of cannabinoids and other active ingredients such as terpenoids and fatty acids that have potential applications in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and skincare sectors.

Green Hygienics is moving forward with the design and construction of a cGMP compliant extraction facility as established in 21CFR111 to certify that the manufacturing of products in their definitive retail form ensures product quality and maintains customer safety. We consider cGMP certification and compliance as a means of differentiating our product offering, and position as superior to non-GMP-produced cannabis and its derivatives.

Our R&D team plans to advance 21CFR111 compliance to 21CFR210 level with the subsequent filing of drug master file (DMF) to the FDA to gain access to the regulated OTC manufacturing sector and become a leader in pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid supply. We will achieve this by completing various mandatory regulatory compliance steps established in 21CFR210 such as Organization and Personnel, Buildings and Facilities, Equipment, Control of Components and Drug Product Containers and Closures, Production and Process Controls, Packaging and Labeling Control, Holding and Distribution, Laboratory Controls, Records and Reports.

Our Certifications