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Sol Valley Ranch

824 acres and 400,000 square feet of supply chain!  The first of our e-commerce sites is being built now.  We are very excited to introduce our own hemp products and brands and to enter into direct online retail sales. It’s far more profitable and will give the Company the opportunity to establish itself in the marketplace. 

Premium brand retail products will range from smokable hemp flower, pre-rolls, CBD and CBG cigarettes to hemp derived oils, isolates etc. Safe and direct from the largest single USDA Certified Organic Industrial Hemp for CBD Farm in North America. Our goal is to deliver the finest quality without exception to our customers.


Amongst these recently acquired assets there is an existing client base and an e-commerce site and will contribute to the Company with immediate sales. Primordia combines a relationship with legacy agriculture group with the potential to farm up to 10,000 acres. 

This provides an ideal supply chain solution for large companies looking to fulfill their needs that would otherwise be challenging and a barrier to entry into the hemp product market. 

Our thinking is quite simple, utilize our access to thousands of acres of prime farmland and deploy state of the art extraction and refinement technologies in cGMP labs, in turn producing great products that help us live better, healthier lives.

Castillo Seed Co.

Historically, Castillo operated over 1 million square feet of greenhouses under organic conditions and developed a deep portfolio of genetics for the purpose of selling seeds, seedlings and clones to various customers around the globe.

The assets from this acquisition will be moved to the Sol Valley Ranch, forming the basis for the Company’s hemp genetics division. Sol Valley Ranch will have in-house compliance and full analytic testing capabilities after completing its field-side laboratory and will immediately begin developing some of the industry’s first USDA Certified Organic hemp seeds. 


TruLife Labs

A wholly owned subsidiary of Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. Coming soon! TruLife Labs, LLC will be a nutraceutical processing and manufacturing company with a focus on research-based extraction, purification and fractionation of cannabinoids using state-of-the-art proprietary methodologies. 


TruLife Biotech

A wholly owned subsidiary of Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. Coming soon! TruLife Biotech, LLC will be an innovative biotechnology company focused on the research, development, and commercialization of a pipeline of next-generation cannabinoid-based biotherapeutics as alternatives to treat patients with significant unmet medical and wellness associated needs. 


The Bridge Coffee House

Coming soon to downtown San Diego! 

Enjoy a hemp-centric coffee experience and some hand crafted small batch CBD infused coffee.

Our first proposed entry towards the brick and mortar component of the Green Hygienics’ retail strategy. Further, this introduce “bricks to clicks” retail marketing potential.

A Hemp Dispensary and Tiny Department Store

“All things hemp” coming soon to downtown San Diego!  

Another proposed entry towards the brick and mortar component of the Green Hygienics’ retail strategy.

Cannagram Services

Currently in development.  A robust suite of payment processing for the hemp industry, secure communication services, a directory of hemp  dispensaries and much more.

The answer to the industry’s unique needs including an encrypted photo-sharing social app and several other user friendly services.